The Chubby Ultra Runner

Bio: I set up on WordPress thinking I was a great wordsmith and would write compelling and witty blogposts. I discovered I wasn't even bothered to use it as a diary. I thought that maybe one day I might have a story to tell and think it was good enough to bung it on here. Once I got into ultra running I became more inclined to download my thoughts and race experiences. I had found other people's blogs and race reports really helpful but I did notice that most were written by rather competent and often seriously competitive runners. I, on the other hand, am not a natural runner but I do love it and I mainly write the blog for my own benefit but I also like to think it's worth blogging about the view from the back of the pack. I reckon the slower runners are a wee bit underrepresented as far as blogs go and I love the idea that I could encourage anyone at all to believe in themselves enough to do something (doesn't have to be an ultra) they really want to and the heck with what anyone else thinks. One life. Make it count.

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