Three Peaks? More like Two Unicorns and a Squirrel!

I love this report on a race I co-direct. It has some swear words and plenty of humour – it has plenty in common with our race briefings then!



`Sunday 20th September 2015. My first step into an actual planned race. The Cumbernauld 10k.

Saturday 29th October 2016. My personal goal of running an Ultra accomplished. The Jedburgh Three Peak Ultra Marathon.

35,078,400 seconds.

584,640 minutes.

406 days.

1 year 1 month and 10 days.

Either way I look at it I honestly can’t bloody believe it. It’s not the fact I ran an ultra, it’s more the fact I actually seen something through!

2 years ago this would have never ever EVER have been an idea I would have entertained. How the fuck I came up with this idea in my head is beyond me.

I smoked (more of a part-time smoker these days if I’m honest). Dabbled with excitable enthusiasm with the devil drink. I was unfit with no intention of being fit. Something happened. Hand on heart I’ve come up with umpteen answers but can’t…

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