Skinny Cyclist? Not Likely

Oh, this makes me mad! Why treat another person like this? Cycling (or sport in general or any hobby or mode of transport) doesn’t belong to anyone, it’s open to us all and it’s disgusting to hear about cyclists behaving in this way. Just not on!!


You’re wondering why I’m writing this?

I set out this morning, for a bit of a wander around on the bike. Riding the roads that have a whiff of familiarity, letting my legs warm up as I crawl up through Headley, my finger flick and my one sided smile at everyone passing in the opposite direction. I wasn’t feeling epic by any stroke of imagination, just letting my thoughts wander. This way or that? Where does this take me? My deadpan ‘morning’ to those who spin past me without a word.
I scoot down toward the level crossing (see Strava for my route if you’re interested) finding it closed. Wait. Then off toward Betchworth. I forget briefly which way I want to go. A quick stop. Off again. Nope. Wrong way. A dawdle down familiar lanes and roads. Debating where I want to go. At this point distance isn’t a…

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