Not much running happening around here.

I wish I had some running adventures to update but injury has been preventing even gentle training and work has been incredibly busy and felt very consuming. I’ve also exhausted myself following politics with the recent general election and my strong feelings about the new government and appointments to the cabinet, but let’s not go into that!no-running-sign-template

I’ve fitted in a little cycling but not nearly enough. I reckon I could’ve/should’ve done more cross-training, there has been time if I’m truthful, but I seem to be paralysed by something at the moment. Stuck in a rut, wallowing in inaction. Or, maybe I am just really tired.

The heavy sinking feelings from earlier in the year haven’t receded entirely and they’re further compounded by toxic guilt for not exercising, the resulting weight gain and any/all real or perceived transgressions that I can conceivably give myself a hard time about.

Sometimes I feel like one of those people that just owns trainers and talks about running but never does it. I miss running but I’ve been hurting, physically and emotionally – running has been the main casualty.

I don’t think that it’s the end of the world to barely be running, I know injuries come and go and I don’t think the not-running is the cause of my slightly dark and anxious period – it just feels a bit worse without the buzz and release I’d usually get from running to get me through.

I’ve been stretching and resting the heel, and hope to run a 10K with a friend on Sunday. Fingers crossed, it might be a turning point, after all there’s not much beats running with a pal.


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