Saying goodbye

Disclaimer: this is not a running related post.

When you have to say goodbye to a friend, who has died far too young, it is a pretty stark reminder to live your life and spend time with those you care about.

Today I went to a friend’s funeral. A former boss and colleague who also became a friend. He’d moved away and twice in recent years I’d hoped to meet up for coffee and a chat. It didn’t happen though. When I was up there, he was inevitably down here – typical!

Luckily I did see him at some work related meetings in the last couple of years but when someone is gone, it’s those missed opportunities that stick in your throat – maybe that’s what the big lump is that makes your eyes water.

I could say so much about my friend and it would never be enough, so maybe I’ll just leave it with a reminder to always grab life by the danglies and always make those coffees happen. It has to be good coffee and also fairtrade, of course!

My friend.


2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. So sad losing a friend at such an age. Sounds like he’d made the most of the time he had a made a great contribution in everything he did. Sad reminder to live each day and make every moment count. You just never know. Ax

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