Eugh, the inevitable hinky thing happened.

After the partial success that was ‘That’s what I call a shite run..’ I have mostly avoided the crushing feelings of having to poo while running and have maybe only had to walk a handful of times to be sure that a fart really was just a fart but the inevitable happened today.

I had to stop and drop.

Thankfully, it was not nearly as traumatic as I’d anticipated and I’m hoping that losing a little of the fear might also lead to fewer occurrences of ‘the urge’.

The glamorous side of running! Oh, and my apologies to the countryside for the unscheduled ‘gift’.


4 thoughts on “Eugh, the inevitable hinky thing happened.

  1. Mine happened last July, it was horrible, I cried during and for about an hour afterwards (more because of how awful I felt rather than the actual act itself) and I hope it never happens again. I blame the iron tablets!

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