Cheerio 2014 and hello 2015.

Well, I thought about reviewing 2014 but decided against it. I think the highlights are already contained in the blogposts over the year. Suffice to say I had a blast, not everything went to plan all of the time but I finished the year feeling pretty chuffed with what I had managed to achieve.

I’m in a running goals group on facebook and have set a few goals for 2015, so thought I’d paste them in here and get committed!

General running

    • Get better at running, do structured training and see real progress in speed, form and stamina.
    • Average at least three runs per week, if not more.
    • Make space for training by not over-committing to volunteering.
    • Cross-train and get sports massage regularly.
    • Try not to compare myself to others and just focus on making my own progress.
    • Keep enjoying it and get lots of hugs from sweaty runners.
Running events

  • Go sub 5 hours at Loch Katrine Marathon.
  • Find a 10k race and get sub 60 on a flipping official result.
  • Successfully complete the Devil of the Highlands.
  • Achieve 50 miles or more at Glenmore 12.
  • Get a new PB at the Neil McCover Half Marathon – aim for about 2:10.

Fingers crossed it all goes OK.


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