I just made a tough decision, well actually I just made it official as I probably knew in my heart of hearts this was what was going to happen. I have withdrawn from my first planned event of the year – D33. It’s disappointing as I was so looking forward to it and when I signed up I was injury-free and in a good place but (and I need to remember this) it’s also not the end of the world. 

I’ve had niggly achilles, the right being the worst, which the physio has put down to calf tightness and has prescribed twice daily stretching. I got help before it became serious but that’s not stopped it impacting on my training miles, unfortunately right when I was getting into longer territory again. I’m certainly no expert on ultras (yet) but time on feet and miles in those legs are just crucial to getting round the course, so I know I just won’t be ready and toeing the start-line would just be foolish and lead to an inevitable and potentially damaging DNF.

I’m still bummed though! However, I have other goals to focus on and actually finally taking the plunge and withdrawing really frees me up to focus on how I’m going to achieve them. In other good news, I’ve just started condensed hours which means that I work from home 1.5 days a week so not only do I have an afternoon off I also two non-commuting days – hurrah! So, I do have some extra time to play with and use to build myself back up.

On another note, I was the tailrunner at one of my local parkruns today and met a lovely lady, who might not even realise that she is really quite inspirational – sometimes the people right at the back of the field truly are the ones making the greatest efforts and overcoming extreme obstacles. I do really admire my speedy friends that actually win stuff but sometimes the people that motivate and inspire me the most are those bringing up the rear with a quiet dedication, self-efficacy and integrity.