Social running is happy running

I have been struggling a bit with marcothon. By day 10 I started having pain in my lower legs and running blues. I was thinking about chucking it. Then again I’m quite stubborn but it did occur to me that being pigheaded could cause problems and put paid to my 2014 running plans. 

I had a group run planned for day 11 so decided I’d head up and see how I felt, after all if my legs really hurt I could always stop and walk back – the dog always needs a walk regardless of how I’m feeling.

To my surprise my legs felt fine, still tired obviously, but the muddy trails were just what the doctor ordered and to my utter delight Brin (the dog) was very helpful and gave me a good pull several times. Brin also runs better/faster in the company of other dogs – she thought it was a race. All in all there were five people and four dogs and I ran a good bit more than I had expected or planned to. It was so good to be out with friends and I ended up with lovely running afterglow!

Tonight I clocked my twelfth marcothon run with a friend, Paul, and again this was just what I needed to keep my enthusiasm going and to get my tired butt up the wiggly hill (it’s a killer).

The other thing that’s great about social running? The hugs. You can’t beat a good hug.


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