Running through midnight

Today I foolishly didn’t start my garmin and whilst I know I spent 45 minutes with a wee foster dog trying to teach her to canicross, I don’t know if the run was OK to be within the rules of marcothon. So, off I went at 11.35pm and ran through midnight for 52 minutes. I say ran, it was more akin to the shuffling I normally do when slumping during a long run. However, it is done and I don’t need to run again until Monday – woohoo!!

Each time I finish a marcothon run I doubt I’ll manage the next but somehow, albeit incredibly slowly, I seem to be able to keep moving one shuffling step at a time. Perpetual forward motion.

Soon, I hope, there will be some kind of breakthrough and something in the way of true progress will suddenly become apparent. Until then I will continue to remember the usual slow runner’s mantras of:

– no matter how slowly you run, you’re still lapping everyone on the sofa

– even a bad run is better than no run.


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