I think Marcothon might be harder than Glen Ogle

So, signing up to Marcothon seemed like a good idea. It probably is still a good idea but tonight was a bit tough. Marcothon being the challenge of running for a minimum of 25 minutes or 5km every single day in December.

Having spent three weeks not running due to a nasty wee bug, I felt chubbier than ever and had finally struggled to do a couple of short, slow runs. I needed something to get my mojo back and reckoned Marcothon would fit the bill – something to keep me motivated and consistent to get my fitness back seeing as I’ve been enthusiastically signing up for more ultras in 2014.

I’m five days in and my legs think they’d like to go on strike. Not that I’ll let them, mind. It started off tough and slow, then a couple of social runs felt pretty amazing and now tonight tired legs, stubborn brain.

This is a proper challenge and spreading the miles over many days is starting to feel harder than doing them in one day! Perhaps I’ll hit a euphoric point in the month when it becomes addictive… I have it on good authority that past marcothon experiences have made a world of difference to some of my friends’ running. Fingers crossed, eh?!



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